Maestro Fresh WES -Best Of a.k.a Dub Radio 164 Mixed by Rene Double 2018

With over 3 decades of being a pioneer emcee in Canada, Maestro Fresh Wes erupted on the independent Rap scene in Toronto Canada and paved the way for EVERYONE who blessed a microphone in Canada from that historic moment till now. 

Over 15 singles, Over 5 Lps, Countless features and Beats from just about every hot producer under the sun. Mr. Wes shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, this Classic wordsmith has penned so many classic people NEED this best of MIX! Part 1.

01. Intro
02. Ambition Feat Faith Walker
03. Fine Tune Da Mic Feat. ShowBiz
04. The Conversation Feat. King Reign
05. Still Too Much Ft. Ghetto Concept, Ironside, Kardinal Offishall, Snow & Red1
06. Supreme Authenticity
07. Dearly Departed (Remix) Feat. Perfeck Strangers & Kardinal Offishall
08. Criminal Mind Feat. Infinite
09. Hit Em’ Wid Another One Feat. Saukrates
10. Let Your Backbone Slide (Power Mix)
11. Bring It Back
12. Hard To Be Hip-Hop Feat. Classified
13. P.S.A #1
14. Maestro-Glycerin
15. Freestyle 24 Feat, Sway & King Tech
16. The Choice Is Departed Feat. Kardinal Offishall
17. Trigonometry
18. Wolves Feat. D-Sisve, GhettoSocks, Muneshine, Timbuktu & Adam Bomb
19. Never Gets Old Feat. D.O. Gibson
20. Clap Ya Handz/ Turn It Out Part.1
21. Clap Ya Handz/ Turn It Out (Remix) Feat Stone Poet
22. 416/905
23. Master T Interview #1
24. Conductin’ Thangs
25. Drop The Needle (45 king Remix)
26. Down With The King’s Feat. Michie Mee & N.I.Gel
27. Louie Louie Feat Young MC
28. Toronto Icons Feat. Ghetto Concept & Infinite
29. Black Tuxedo
30. Jurassic Park Feat. Rich Kidd
31. The Visine
32. Master T Interview #2 “Coaching”
33. God Bless Da Child
34. Look For Me In The Whirlwind Feat. King Reign & Saukrates
35. The Distance Feat. Saukrates
36. Public Service Announcement #2
37. Just The Way It Is Feat. Eternia, DL Incognito & Classified
38. Rein D’Artificiel Feat. Sans Pression
39. Reach For The Sky Feat. Classified
40. Death Ministry Feat. Gauge The Mental Murderrah
41. Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn (R DUB L Remix)
42. When I Rhyme
43. Pushin’ Wiggz Back
44. Dat’s My Ni#ga
45. Narcotic Feat. Suzka
46. Welcome To Toronto Feat. Notion, DJ Grouch & GhettoSocks
47. Interview on Much Music Circa 1990
48. Stick To Your Vision (Remix) Feat. Glenn Lewis
49. Vapors Feat. Big Kish, Dan-e-o & DJ Mel Boogie
50. Worldwide Vapors (R Dub L Remix)
51. Legendary Feat. Kool G Rap  & Rezza Brothers
52. Quit While Your Ahead Feat. Choclair, Moka Only & Classified
53. Pass Dat Shit Feat. Fat Joe, Whiz One, Diamond D & Mike G.Q
54. League Of Legends (R DUB L Remix) Feat. Thrust, Dan-e-o, Eternia & Moka Only
55. Ever Since
56. Make It For The Ruff
57. Interview with George Strumbo on racism
58. Stick To Your Vision
59. Stick To Your Vision (R DUB L Remix)
60. Trackapella Feat. Kish
61. How Many Styles (Remix)
62. Day In The Life Feat. Eternia & Tona (Prod. by Moss)
63. Another Funky Break (From My Pop’s Crate)
64. Perseverance Feat. Wade O. Brown
65. Holly Water Feat. Ghetto Concept
66. Poppa ‘Stro
67. Heatwave
68. Master T Interview #3 “Success”
69. Skyscrapers Feat. Kool Keith
70. Somewhere Down the line Feat. Adam bomb
71. Rene Double – Shout Out


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