Dub Radio 154 a.k.a StompDown Killaz Featuring DJ Street Vybz (Ski Mask Clique Chapter 2) 2018


Stomp Down Killaz a.k.a SDK Presented by Vybz DUB Featuring DJ Street Vybz & DJ Rene Double. These 306 Disc Jockey’s are breaking so many needles you think they inject, a dose of Heavy Killah #Bars This is a selection of the tightest SDK verses and features to hit the speakers, spanning over ten years deep this mixtape shows no sign of slowing down!

The entire gang is out for #Bars Merkules, Snak The Ripper, Evil Ebenezer, Lil Windexx, Caspian, Prada West with killah features from some of the best Emcee’s in the game Ill Bill, Classified, Madchild, Slaine, Bishop Brigante, Onyx, Riff Raff, Apathy & Celph Titled.


01. DJ Street Vybz & Rene Double - Stomp Down Dubtro
02. Lil Windex & Merkules – San Pallegrino
03. Brevner & Stevie Ross – Chino
04. Snak the Ripper & Merkules – Hey
05. Snak The Ripper – Mumble
06. Brevner – Waterloo
07. Lil Windex & Caspian – FMU
08. Caspian – Built Like This
09. Ed Sheeran, Stormz & Merkules – Shape Of You (Mash-Up)
10. Merkules – In The End
11. Merkules – This Again
12. Kodak Black, Merkules & Stevie Ross – Tunnel Vision (Mash-Up)
13. Jaclyn Gee – FML
14. Jaclyn Gee – Gypsy Rose
15. JUNK & Merkules – This Is My World
16. Golden & Merkules – Mary Poppins
17. Lil Xan & Merkules – Betrayed (Mash-Up)
18. Evil Ebenezer Feat. Bishop Brigante & Peter Jackson – Exorcist (R DUB L Exclusive)
19. Lil Windex, Lil HBK & Riff Raff – Downer
20. Snak The Ripper & Ill Bill – Fuck The Internet
21. Merkules x Parada West – Still On Top
22. N.B.S. Feat. Slaine & Merkules – Pussy Lips
23. NvS Feat. Slaine, Madchild & Merkules – The Realest
24. Snak The Ripper – Poison
25. Classified Feat. Snak The Ripper & Slug – Never Stop The Show
26. Snak The Ripper – Real Drugs
27. Merkules & Quake Mathews – DFWM
28. Snak The Ripper & Bishop Brigante – Bombay Dreams
29. Merkules & Promisques – Nothing For Me
30. Evil Ebenezer – When I Let Go
31. Conspire Feat. Merkules, Unknown Mizery, Halfcut & Madchild – Canadian Ice Warriors
32. Lil Windex – Cleanin Up
33. Evil Ebenezer - Bandit
34. Caspian & Snak The Ripper – SDK
35. Onyx Feat. Optimus, Sick Flow & Snak The Ripper – Chasing The Devil
36. Evil Ebenezer – What Will I Do Remix
37. Snak The Ripper & Evil Ebenezer – Fuck Yer Label
38. Merkules Feat. Apathy & Celph Titled – The Bottom Line
39. Evil Ebenezer – Fade Away
40. Rene Double & DJ Street Vybz – Shout Outs


This “Limited Edition” of Dub Radio is a Double mix featuring over 3hrs of Heavy Beat, Bars on top of Bars! This Canadian bacon is raw & salted for pungent beat pounding music!

Celebrating The new album release of “Bandit” by Evil Ebenezer this pod cast features 2 killah records “Fade Away” & “Bandit” Now available on all major music platforms! https://evilebenezer.bandcamp.com/ 

You can also expect Merkules New LP titled “C.O.L.E” to be available on March 30th 2018

Snak The Ripper is dropping a New album later in 2018 for now u can support his latest singles “Real Drugs” featured in this mix, also “Lesson Learned” is a great start to #Classic Album!!

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