Dub Radio 140 a.k.a Flavr Mix (folk & Indie) FULL MIX 2018

This journey of #DubRadio brings you to some Jazz, Singer Songwriter, Funk, Blues, Rock, Blue Grass, Classic Folk, Pop, Indie Alternative, Folk Noir Music. This timeless mix share over 40 songs featuring the very best in what they do! 
This show celerbrates all the guests of 2017 season @ Flav'r Ranch in Langenburg Saskatchewan. For The First Time ever this mix features "The Flavr Country Blues Band" for the first 2 exclsuive tracks. Tracks three is from Nathan Layh who is also the guitarest for The Layh Stacey Band which is featured 2 times in this podcast. 
** The Dead South is a great sakachewan band that DJ R DUB L choose to include in this project, even tho they haventy played the ranch yet. Just saying **

Visit the Official Site for this legendary venue! https://www.facebook.com/FlavrCountryRanch/
01. Flav’r Country Blues Band – Mary Jane’s Last Dance
02. Flav’r Country Blues Band Feat. Willow – The Weight (Take A Load off Annie/Fanny)
03. Nathan Layh – Key To The Highway
04. Micah Ernberg – Morphine
05. The Dead South – The Recap
06. Fortune Killers – Take It
07. Seven Minute Mile – It Might Be A While
08. Abigal Lapell – Hostage Town
09. The Layh Stacey Band – Stories of the Brave
10. Apollo Suns – An Impossible Blend
11. Sarah Beatty – Holy Smokes
12. Ken Hamm – CandyMan
13. Zonnis – Coco Loco
14. Kayla Luky – You Won’t Find Me
15. Richard Inman – Snowbird (Reprise)
16. Slow Leaves – Enough About Me
17. BB Gun – Track 2
18. In With The Old – Oh Honey Dear
19. Myrle – Winnipeg
20. Kevin Roy – Hard To Make A living
21. James Grey – I’m Sorry
22. Grant Davidson – Worth Remembering
23. Ellen Froese – I Wish I Had A Foot-Long Cigarette
24. Tin Can Bandits – Four Cent
25. Dana Sipoa – My Beloved
26. Micah Erenburg – Root Beer
27. The Layh Stacey Band – Beer For Breakfast
28. Kayla Luky – Back To Dirt
29. Spaceport Union – White Noise
30. Sebastian Owl – Man That I Am
31. In With The Old – Paper N’ Flies
32. Sarah Beatty – Slaves & Kings
33. The Layh Stacey Band – Live By The River
34. Ken Hamm – Can’t Judge A Book
35. Michael Franti – Yes I will
36. Sarah Beatty – We Will Never Be The Same
37. Seven Minute Mile – Right Off The Ground
38. The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company
39. James Grey - Changes

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