DJ R DUB L Present's The Best Of "We Love Hip-Hop" Podcast World's Most Smoked Out Podcast (2017)

1.     We Love Hip-Hop Intro Feat. DJ Law
2.     Adam Bomb
3.     Mike Stoan
4.     Porno & Hip-Hop Feat. Mindbender
5.     Cazhmere
6.     Dank (of Frank N Dank)
7.     Choclair
8.     King Of The Dot Feat. Bishop Brigante, Gully TK & Organik
9.     Respect The DJ (Part 1)
10. Freddy Fame
11. Smiff N Wessun & A-Trak
To hear These FULL episodes of the Groundbreaking Podcast go to

Thank you to Friday A.k.A. Ricky Dred & PK Herc


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