DJ R DUB L Present’s Dub Radio #32 (Digital Copy)

01. Dubtro (
02. Classified- Where Are You Feat. Saukrates
03. Tona Feat. Richie Sosa & JD ERA- See Me In Ya City
04. Famous Feat. Mayhem Morearty- A Kid Tryna Make It
05. K'Naan Feat. Buckshot- In Jamaica (Unreleased)
06. K-Os- Zambony
07. Belly- White Coat
08. Page Feat. Drake & Richie Sosa- I'm Still Fly (Remix)
09. Belly- Maybachmusic (Freestyle)
10. Shad- Compromise
11. D-Sisve Feat. Classified- Riot I Caused
12. K'Naan- T.I.A.
13. Mad Child- Freestyle
14. Prevail Feat. Mad Child- Crack Your Mouth
15. Michie Mee Feat. Jenna- Say About Us
16. Richie Sosa Feat. Remo Da Rapstar- So What
17. Belly- Hot Girl
18. Famous- Get Up (I Just Can't Front) (Freestyle)
19. Frac & Pro- Mind Travelling (Remix)
20. Drake- Juice
21. Swollen Members- Swollen4nication (Unreleased)
22. Drake Feat. Funk Master Flex- Hot 97 Freestyle
23. Swollen Members- Meltdown
24. Grand Analog- Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)
25. K-Os- The Avenue
26. Swollen Members- Block Star
27. Josh Martinez Feat. Classified- Going Back To Hali
28. Frac & Pro Feat. Ro- Steady Hoggin'
29. Frac & Pro- Bring It
30. Optikz- Break
31. Drake Feat. Belly- Girl Let Me
32. Divine Brown- Sun Glasses
33. Carl Henry- Trippin'
34. Melanie Fiona- Please Don't Go (Cry Baby)
35. Outro


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